Research Collaboration Profile

The Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) is a non-profit international business school established in 1990 by a group of business leaders and a team of leading academics representing some of the world’s best business schools.

CIIM’s mission is to serve as a centre of excellence in postgraduate management education, continuing executive education and research in local and regional issues of global concern that strengthens our knowledge-based society. The Institute fosters a new generation of managers, entrepreneurs and business leaders, who are catalysts, motivators and accelerators of change and innovation in Cyprus, the Mediterranean region and beyond.

To accomplish its mission, CIIM has pioneered the modular educational model. This gives our programmes exceptional flexibility, enabling students to focus on a specific subject within short intensive time periods. This gives a freedom of choice that is particularly suited to the needs of the working student.

CIIM is a highly specialized school that exclusively focuses on advanced studies in business, management and leadership. In parallel to its flagship MBA programme, CIIM offers a Master in Public Sector Management (MPSM), or an “MBA for the public sector,” as well as a number of management-related Masters degrees. CIIM also boasts an executive education unit that helps students acquire new skills or hone existing ones.
In addition to its educational activities, CIIM has established an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (ENTICE) to help individuals, companies and organizations create innovative new ventures and improve the competitiveness of existing ones.

CIIM is involved in research activities in the following five broad research topics:

  • Economics and Finance
  • Business Marketing and Strategy
  • Education and Human Resource Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Energy Economics and Environmental Management

CIIM often serves as a consultant to the Cyprus government on economic, financial and entrepreneurial issues. For instance, during the past two years as a result of the financial crisis, CIIM’s role as a governmental consultant has been enhanced.

Key CIIM Research Personnel

Dr Theodore Panayotou
Director of CIIM, Professor of Ethics in Business & Government and Corporate Environmental Management
Research interests: Climate change economics and policy; Carbon taxes and carbon markets; Environment-development interactions (Environmental Kuznets Curves); Sustainable development; Financing mechanisms for sustainable development; Market-based instruments of environmental policy; Energy economics and policy; Economics of low-carbon technology development, transfer and adoption; Economic valuation of forests and biodiversity; Determinants of land use change, and; Water pricing and trading.

Dr Olga Kandinskaia
MSc Business Management Programme Director and Assistant Professor of Finance
Research interests: Derivative markets; Corporate finance, and; Blended learning and e-learning.

Dr Jim Leontiades
Academic Dean
Research interests: International business, and; International investment.

Dr George Theocharides
Director of the MSc in Finance and Banking and Associate Professor of Finance
Research interests: Fixed income markets, and; Empirical investments.

Dr Paris Cleanthous
Director of the Masters in Public Sector Management (MPSM) and MBA Programme, Associate Professor of Marketing and Strategy
Research Interests
General: Strategy; Marketing; Industrial organization, and; Applied micro-Econometrics.
Specific: Innovation, competitive advertising & pricing; Health and pharmaceutical economics & marketing; Tourism economics and management, and; Marketing strategy.

Dr Christina Chinas
Director of the MSc in Educational Leadership and Management, Lecturer of Educational Leadership
Research Interests: Her research interests are in the areas of classroom teaching, teachers’ continuous professional development, learning and assessment, pedagogic innovation and change, teachers’ professional learning, organisational learning, educational leadership and school improvement. Her research and development activity involves combining qualitative and quantitative strategies at the interface of research, policy and practice.

Dr Anastasia Constantinou
Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Head of CIIM International Research Office, CEO of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre, ENTICE
Research interests: Entrepreneurship in high-tech SMEs; Innovation take up in enterprises, and; Technology transfer mechanisms.


Dr Anastasia Constantinou
Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Head of International Research Office
Tel. +357 22462246