International Research Associates

Dr George Tsogas
Senior Research Fellow

George Tsogas specializes in Critical Organization Theory, Employee Relations and Labour Markets. He has gained international reputation in the area of International Labour Standards. The purpose of his current research is to examine the correspondence between changes in fundamental parameters of work (i.e. what is value, how commodification occurs, how consumption interacts with production) under the major crisis of capitalism currently being experienced. Furthermore, he maintains a learning-oriented research interest in Corporate Social Responsibility.

He has a PhD in Industrial Relations from Birkbeck College, University of London, and MAs in Labour Studies (Rutgers University) and Philosophy & Contemporary Critical Theory (Kingston University London). His first degree was in Production and Management Engineering (Technical University of Crete). He has held academic positions at CIIM, Cass Business School (London), Erasmus University Rotterdam (ISS), and Cardiff Business School.