Programme Overview

The CIIM Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (BBA) is a four-year programme which aims to develop a student’s intellectual ability, professionalism, managerial skills and unique leadership by combining academic and professional business education in international business management, entrepreneurship, innovation, financial and management accounting as well as business information technology.

Is the programm suitable for me?

The CIIM BBA welcomes selected students from varied educational and professional backgrounds, including high-school graduates and working professionals, who have the ambition, the maturity and a strong academic preparation to attend a high-quality undergraduate programme.

Programme Objectives

  • To foster students’ personal and professional development, making them more readily employable and effective, both as professionals and as citizens.
  • To sharpen students’ creative thinking, communication and writing skills as well as to enhance their interest in understanding current business affairs.
  • To provide students with an in-depth understanding of the business world and a solid training in management, accounting, business information technology and entrepreneurship in order to advance their career or prepare them for careers in business, either as managers or entrepreneurs.
  • To prepare students to continue their studies at the postgraduate level in management, business administration, economics or other related subjects at home or abroad.

Accreditations & Collaborations


Fees and Funding

The annual tuition fees applicable for students entering the CIIM BBA in October are €6,800 per year. Tuition fees do not include the registration fees €500 for the first year and €100 for each of the subsequent years.



“MBA at CIIM provides students with the perfect can-do environment
enhancing competence and networking opportunities.”
Alina Koltsova, 2015
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